Are You Codependent? Quiz

Not sure if you might be codependent or not?


Take this quiz to find out!


Answer the following questions with a simple "yes" or "no." If you waffle on the answer to any of them, just select "yes."

Your results from this test cannot be considered a diagnosis and should not be considered as such. They may indicate the need for further professional help.

Do you take better care of others than yourself?
Do you think you know what's best for other people, but you have difficult making decisions for yourself?
Do you try to control or fix other people, places, or things?
Do your feelings, thoughts, desires, etc. seem less important than the feelings, thoughts, desires of others?
Do you feel guilty whenever you say no?
Do you often feel taken advantage of or victimized?
When someone else acts badly, do you often feel the need to apologize for them?
Are you loyal to fault, even after someone hurts you multiple times?
Are your feelings dependent on the feelings of those around you? (if they're sad, you're sad)
Do you have no, very few boundaries, or vacillate between having no boundaries at all and too rigid ones?
Do you regularly feel emotionally distressed because of certain relationships in your life?
Do you often do things for others expecting something (love, attention, reciprocation, etc.) in return?
Does the thought of ending a certain relationship terrify you, despite its problems and/or how you feel about it?
Do you feel reluctant to do things because you worry it may cause an argument or disagreement?

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