Hi, Happy Lover!

I’m Tara, a Certified Relationship Coach & Writer.

Tara "Ball" started out as a pen name for my writing, a way to protect my children and my family since I wrote about sensitive subjects. As I grew in popularity and chose to meld my pen name and my real life, I decided to keep my pen name. My first name IS Tara, and all of my clients are welcome to learn my real last name if they so choose. 

I have a Bachelor's degree from Rhodes College (2008) and a Master's from the University of Memphis (2012), along with coaching certifications from Transformation Academy and courses fully accredited by Complementary Therapists Accredited Association (CTAA).

My husband and I live outside Memphis, TN and are both on our second marriage. He's got a daughter, I have twin toddlers, and then we have a brand new baby girl (born 10/22/2020!). We've got a crazy wonderful life!

I've had my share of shitty relationships I've had to learn and grow from, and it's now my mission to help YOU have baller ones (see the pun there?). Today, I smile all the ever-loving time and would gladly eat pizza every day of my life. :)

My articles on relationship, dating, and sex have been read more than 5 million times. My work currently appears on Medium, Mamamia, The Good Men Project, and Thought Catalog. 

Happy Loving!